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Dear Parent

Sun Safety at School as we approach the summer term

The school is concerned about protecting staff and pupils from sunburn and from skin damage that can be caused by the harmful ultra-violet rays in sunlight. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the country. As sunburn and almost all skin cancers are caused by the sun, it is possible to prevent this happening. The school believes that by encouraging sun safe behaviour at school and teaching children about the risks of sunlight, we can prevent them burning and contribute towards preventing skin cancer.

The school would like your help and support in this matter. We will be encouraging children to avoid sunburn and overexposure to the sun by:

• seeking the shade, particularly during the middle of the day

• wearing suitable hats

• wearing clothing that protects the skin, particularly for outdoor activities and school trips

• using a high factor sunscreen

Staff will be encouraged to set an example. Some children are at greater risk of sunburn than others. Fair skinned, freckled children who burn easily are most at risk from overexposure to the sun and need to take great care when out in the sun. Brown skinned children have a much lower risk of sunburn but still need to take care and protect themselves in stronger sunlight. Black skinned children hardly ever burn and have a very low risk of skin cancer. Those with brown or black skin do not normally need to use sunscreen in the UK but should avoid overexposure to the sun to prevent dehydration and overheating. Teachers and support staff on outdoor duties or in charge of school outings will remind those most at risk of burning to cover up in the sun and use sunscreen. You can help by encouraging your child to bring, and wear, a hat at school, particularly on sports days and school excursions. Also by encouraging your child to wear longer sleeved shirts and longer shorts when outdoors. The school will remind parents of the sun safety policy from time to time, particularly around the start of the summer term, sports days, and outings. Sunscreens provide added protection and may be useful when other measures are not available.

This school encourages parents to provide sunscreen for this purpose. Embsay C of E Primary School wishes to encourage students to protect themselves from the sun. One way of doing this is to use sunscreen at the appropriate time. If a pupil is to use sunscreen at school, parents are asked to:

1. Provide the sunscreen product for school use. The sunscreen must be:

a. in a clear plastic bag with the child’s name on the bottle.

b. replenished by the parent as needed.

2. The sunscreen product will be stored in the child’s book bag or a location designated by the class teacher.

3. The child must be able to apply his or her own sunscreen (Reception children will be encouraged to apply their own but assisted if necessary by a member of staff. If it is considered necessary for teachers/staff to assist with the application of sunscreen, the sunscreen will only be applied to face, neck, arms, hands and lower legs).

4. We ask that sunscreen is applied at home before a typical school day, children will be encouraged to reapply as necessary during the school day.

5. Children with additional needs will be given support as required after discussions with parents.

Yours sincerely

Fiona Prest