Pasture Road, Embsay, BD23 6RH
Pasture Road,
North Yorkshire
BD23 6RH

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are offering all Reception and Year 1 children the chance to learn to ride a bike. 

Cycle tutors from Pedal & Scoot will be running these sessions, which are all about helping your child build confidence and balance on their bike. Some children will learn to ride within one lesson, and others may need a little more time; we will run further sessions for these children. The children will be taken out in groups over the 2 days to help them learn how to ride a bike. If they can already ride a bike, they will be learning to go around different courses to improve their skills. The children will be doing these sessions in the school playground.  Extra adult support will be needed with the sessions, please let us know via the form if you can help.

Reception Pedal and Scoot will take place on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th June.

Year 1 Pedal and Scoot will take place on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd June.

In preparation for your child’s Pedal and Scoot days please could we ask you to complete the following form by Thursday 25th May -

If your child is learning to ride a bike (needs adult support to ride), please could you:

  • remove stabilisers, usually with a size 15 spanner.  You DON'T need to bring the stabilisers to school.
  • remove pedals with a size 15 spanner. Hold the pedal and turn the nut away from the handle bars.  You DO need to bring the pedals to school.
  • put the pedals in a carrier bag with your child’s name on, and leave this on the handlebars.
  • lower their seat so that they can put their feet flat on the floor. The bike is now set up like a balance bike and they are ready to get scooting! If your child can't get their feet flat on the floor, learning to balance might be a challenge, so we would find a smaller bike for them to borrow for their lesson.

If any of this is not possible, please don’t worry, we can help on the day.  It just saves a lot of time if most of the bikes are ready to go!

Many thanks,

Miss Falkner