Tuesday, 27th February, 2024 1:15 - 2pm

To: Parents of all Year 3                                                                                                              

Year 3 will start their swimming lessons at Craven Pool on Tuesdays after half term.  The children will have a total of 6 sessions and their sessions will take place on: 20th and 27th February, 5th 12th and 19th March, and 9th April.

Please carefully read the following swimming regulations for Craven Pool.


1 Piece swim wear


Swim Shorts, Ideally Jammer type swimwear as these allow for the most amount of movement in the water without restriction.

Any child wishing to wear clothing in the pool must have clothing that will not restrict movement, or hinder their ability to float.

All earrings must be removed prior to swimming or covered with a swim hat.

Swimmers who have long hair must wear a swim hat, this includes a long fringe which can fall down onto the face and into the eyes when wet.


·         Swim hats greatly reduce the amount of distraction when hair goes into the eyes and face when left down.

·         Clips fall out and then hair is free to get into a child’s face.

·         Swim hats keeps hair drier when worn correctly and so will reduce the time it takes to get changed.

·         Swim hats also reduce the amount of tangles in hair.

·         They also help to keep the water clean as it reduces the amount of hair and hair products which wash off into          

          the water.

Swim hats can be purchased from shops such as Sports Direct, or children can purchase one from Craven Pool..

Under the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988 the school is not allowed to make a charge for this activity, but we are permitted to ask for contributions and the governors have authorised us to do so. I am sure you will understand that we cannot afford to pay for this visit from within the funds available to us so may I ask you, therefore, if you would be willing to make a voluntary contribution of £36.00 towards the cost of the activity.  The actual cost per child for the 6 week block is £48.74 which this year is being subsidised from the School budget.

Please could we ask you to make your payment through ParentPay.

This trip is a local visit and a separate consent is not required under the terms of our Educational Visits Policy.

Thank you once again for your support.

Yours sincerely

Tim Whitehead

Interim Executive Head