St Mary the Virgin Church. Exterior photo
Faith and worship corner
Christian wall display
Colourful wall display

As a distinctive Church school, we ensure that our Christian Values are the heart-beat of everything we do. Through the teaching of Jesus, we seek to live out our vision and ethos:


We work together to nurture an inclusive family of hard-working, respectful individuals who have a lifelong love of learning.

 “Life in all its fullness” (John 10:10)


Our aim is to ensure that all our children are happy, fulfilled and challenged in a rich learning environment which aims to cater for their individual needs and develops a love for learning. Our priority is to establish a secure and relaxed atmosphere where:

  • Children feel they can question, identify difficulties and overcome them without fear.
  • Realistic goals are set for children’s intellectual, physical, social and emotional development and where they are encouraged to set similar realistic goals for themselves.
  • Children’s own self image is openly and positively valued by peers and adults.
  • Children can understand and plan for the fact that their chosen actions have consequences both beneficial and prejudicial.

A key aspect of our vision is our commitment to saving creation - both as stewards of God's world and as part of our mission to support the weak and vulnerable. Please see the Eco Group Saving Creation page under the Key information tab.