Lots of pupils sat down eating their lunch
Children eating their lunch. It's fish fingers today
Children Being Served their lunch
Girls sat at the table eating their lunch
Dinner ladies serve lunch

Our schools meals are cooked on site by a private School Catering Company called Dolce. Parents are required to register for an online account (Schoolgrid) where meals are pre ordered and paid for where applicable. Children with special diets, vegetarians and those who are forbidden various foods on religious grounds can be catered for, but parents are responsible for ensuring they update their child’s information on the individual account.

From September 2014 the government introduced free school meals for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. For the older children the cost of a school meal is £2.66. Payment is made directly to Dolce via ‘schoolgrid’.

As this is a private company you must have either credit on your child’s ‘Schoolgrid’ account or have a direct debit in place. Meals can be pre ordered either daily, weekly or half termly however this should be completed at home rather than at school registration.

Any parents who think they may be entitled to free school meals are encouraged to contact the school office where these enquiries will be dealt with in confidence.

If your child prefers to bring a packed lunch, you will need to provide a plate, beaker and any other utensils from home. No allowance is made in the kitchen for any clearing away etc after the children have eaten their packed lunches. The children eat their packed lunch in the hall with the other children who are having a cooked meal. Packed meals must be brought in a plastic box or tin clearly labelled with the child’s name and left in a safe place, as directed by the teacher.

If you decide that you would like your child to come home during the school lunch break, then please understand that you are accepting responsibility for his/her welfare for the full duration of the break (from mid-day/12.10pm until 1.00 pm).

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