Pupils playing brass instruments
Pupls learning and rehearsing at song
A boy making music on an iPad


Key Person Responsible - N Pearce 


Through the teaching of Music at Embsay C of E School, we want our all of our children: 

  • to develop their musical creativity through practical and exploratory opportunities 

  • to develop as performers, composers, improvisers, singers and song makers and listeners 

  • to develop their knowledge of Music, including: 

  • an increasing understanding of the history of music 

  • learning about the different styles, genres and traditions in    


  •      the works of the great Composers and Musicians 

  • to have the opportunity to learn to play a Musical Instrument (through the Wider Opportunities Scheme in Years 4 and 6) 

  • to develop a love of Music, becoming musicians and performers who are able to share and present their skills to each other, the school community and parents / carers 

Key Points Teaching: 

  • The Music Long Term Plan is to be used as a basis for Planning. This is a balanced curriculum which is sequenced appropriately and enables the staff to build upon, and develop, the children’s knowledge and skills 

  • Music will be taught on a regular basis throughout school 

  • Children will have the opportunity in Years 5 and 6 to learn a Brass Instrument (through the Wider Opportunities Scheme) 

  • Children in each Year Group have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers, the wider school community and parents / carers in a Concert, (eg, Nativity, Christmas Carol and Christingle Services, Year 3and 4 Concert, Year 5 and 6 Production) 

Key Points Assessment: 

  • Assessment to be carried out at the end of a Unit using Music Assessment Sheets (saved on Server – Music File) against ‘Emerging’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Exceeding’ Expectation Statements 

  • Assessment Results to be saved on Server, identifying those children who are working at ‘Emerging’, ‘Meeting’ and ‘Exceeding’ levels  

Supporting Documentation 

  • National Curriculum Documentation 

  • Music Long Term Plan and Individual Year Group Plans and Resources (found on Server in Music File) 

  • Assessment (found on Server in Music File) 

  • musicmark.org.uk – links to free resources 

  • twinkl.co.uk – links to resources 

Wider Curriculum Links 

  • ‘Young Voices’ Concert 

  • Trip to Skipton Music Festival